Come along for the ride as we publish an equally enlightening, enriching, and entertaining book for young readers, leaders, families, and teachers.

A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift. 

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About Us

Sharon Brown


I’m a lover of life and believe that a life well lived is one lived in positivity with lots of love, laughter, encouragement—and unconditional love!

Children have always held a special place in my heart and I’ve been super blessed to have 3 of my own—Hunter, Heather and Parker.  Working together, to create a Heart of Gold for Kids, with Heather is beyond fantastic!   

The most important things in life to me are my faith, family, pups, traveling, boating, and anything on or near the water or beach.  What fills my heart is precious time with family and friends.  I strive to encourage others and leave a legacy that will make a positive impact in this beautiful world!

Heather Hough


I am a true believer that experience is the best education. I have lived on both coasts and even on the Big Island of Hawaii. Creating A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift while on opposite sides of the country has been an amazing way to create connection with my mom.
I hope to continue to enrich the lives of children and families in all the work that I do. Beyond the creation of this book, I have volunteered throughout Central America to support orphanages, taught ecology classes at the Boys and Girls Club, and lead family friendly yoga classes.

I am passionate about all things that promote healthy living, especially sustainability. I am completing my Environmental Studies degree and plan to found a permaculture food forest that will provide nutrients and education to the community. My purpose in life is to do all things with authenticity, courage, and joy!

Lucas Nickerson


Through the use of animals, people, symbolism, and puns, I create works in watercolor and oils that inspire unique interpretation of their meaning. Sometimes, a painting is best taken at face value, while other pieces may obscure a double entendre. I have a lot of fun with my work, as is evident in some of the titles and subjects used. Painting pieces for children’s books and games is a passion of mine. I remember the wonder of discovering art as a child and had an early admiration for the artists that helped bring these stories to life. I love to express my humor in art and hope the viewer of any age will find themselves in on the joke.

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With the influence of Birthday Blessings’ kids over the years, Sharon and Heather came up with the idea to start Heart of Gold for Kids and write A Heart of Gold:  The Greatest Gift.

Birthday Blessings is our sister organization founded by Sharon 20 years ago and has been close to our family’s heart.   

Birthday Blessing’s mission is to reach out to underprivileged children to provide them with a birthday present on their special day, and frequently partners with cake makers make the day even more memorable.  

Our aim is to improve these children’s self-esteem by making them feel loved and celebrated. 

You’re making a difference!  When you purchase this book, a portion of the profits will be donated to Birthday Blessings.

Mother/Daughter Memories

Launch of virtual series 2020

San Diego sunset

The growing years