Zack Bush

Superheros Don’t Clean Up Their Rooms… Or Do They?


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About the Author

When Zack Bush was growing up he spent his free time listening to jazz. Instead of imagining a career in law or medicine like so many of his classmates, the Miami native knew he would take a different path.

Zack learned to play the piano, and would speak with family and friends about one day owning a venue that would bring the music he loved to others. Zack is now co-owner of Ball & Chain, a historic live-music venue on Miami’s famed Calle Ocho, in the heart of Little Havana. Zack and his team renovated and restored the nearly forgotten gem, famous for hosting 20th-century jazz greats like Chet Baker, Count Basie, and Billie Holliday.

Today, musicians from around the world perform live on the Ball & Chain stage. In addition to Ball & Chain, Zack is the co-owner of Mad Room Hospitality. Mad Room Hospitality owns and operates Taquerias El Mexicano, a landmark, historic restaurant on Calle Ocho, as well as Los Altos –an intimate speakeasy lounge–also located on Calle Ocho.

With an emphasis on historic properties and creating iconic brands, Mad Room Hospitality also controls the Food & Beverage and nightlife programming at the former historic Tower Hotel set to open in early February of 2021 Apart from a career in Hospitality, Zack’s other passion is books. A devoted reader and writer, Zack’s lifetime desire to become an author found a refreshed source of inspiration as the father of 5-year-old Ace and 4-year-old daughter Ava.

This hip dad of two (soon to be 3) has written a national best-selling children’s picture book entitled Made For Me. As a follow up to Made For Me, Zack has co-authored two new series of books, The Little Book Of series and The Little Superhero series. The Little Book Of series introduces young kids to a wide range of ideas, activities, values, and emotions. With engaging text and warm, kid-friendly illustrations, each story teaches children that having fun, learning, talking about your feelings, and doing the right thing is always much easier than they think.

Kids can enjoy the journey and fun of reading while discovering the world around them, one little book at a time. That’s what The Little Book Of series is all about! The Little Superhero series teaches young boys and girls that you don’t have to have superhuman strength or speed to be considered a superhero.