Sandra Magsamen & Hannah Magsamen Barry


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About the Author

Sandra Magsamen has touched millions of people, one heart at a time. Her products have been warmly embraced for over 30 years. As an artist, art therapist, mom, and award-winning author, Sandra uses her own creativity and spirit to design gifts, books and collections that help people express themselves and connect with one other. Sandra reminds and teaches us to explore and experience each day with more heart, meaning, purpose and joy.

Sandra is a best selling and award-winning author of over 60 adult and children’s books and has sold over 8 million copies to date. Her books are sold online and at independent retailers worldwide. Sandra’s work with publishers Scholastic and Sourcebooks have made her a household name by publishing some of her most cherished titles like, “Welcome Little One”, “You!” and “I Love You Honey Bunny”.

Sandra’s signature lifestyle book, Living Artfully, which was accompanied by the television special, “Living Artfully with Sandra Magsamen,” premiered on PBS stations nationwide in December 2006. Sandra has been featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Oprah Magazine, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, In Touch, US Weekly, and Life & Style. She is a featured columnist on with 200+ articles.

In 2015, Sandra began a partnership with Studio E Fabrics and, through this partnership, has created over 30 “sew your own” fabric book kits, which include some of Sandra’s best selling stories and most loved characters. Also in 2015, Sandra began working with Bamboozle Homewares to create a line of sustainable dinnerware for children made from 100% recycled bamboo fibers. Happily, these products are sold on Amazon.

In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, Sandra partnered with Sourcebooks Kids to create the YouTube web series “Hello You!” which is an educational program that seeks to inspire little ones to explore, create and imagine the possibilities.